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FORM3D Resin



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FORM3D Dental Casting resin is a remarkable castable resin formulated specifically for direct dental casting and rapid burnout. This resin boasts a 100% ash-free burnout capability, ensuring clean and precise casting results. With FORM3D Dental Casting resin, dental professionals can achieve perfect casting quality, minimizing the need for extensive post-processing. The resin's advanced formulation prints quickly, with extremely high accuracy and no shrinkage, providing reliable and stable results. It is also fully compatible with standard dental burnout cycles and phosphate based investments, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows. With wide compatibility across 365 to 405 nm wavelength resin 3D printers, FORM3D Dental Casting resin offers flexibility and versatility. Elevate your dental casting process with FORM3D Dental Casting resin and experience the benefits of exceptional quality and efficient workflow.


UV Resin


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‎8.2x 8.2x 23.5 cm; 1 Kilograms

Care Instructions

1. Shake well before use

2. Keep away from children, dust and direct sunlight

3. Wash with plenty of water immediately if you get direct skin contact with resin

4. The product can be stored and handled in stainless steel, dark glass or black plastic containers. This product should be stored in a sealed container.

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