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R & D

Our R&D team is committed to identifying, thoroughly understanding and developing our 3D printing resins. Our sound knowledge of materials forms the basis for our products. Our experts are continually enhancing the properties of our resin to increase their performance limits even further. We can change how the materials behave and what they are capable of, and can therefore create the exact properties we believe our clients look for.

We believe that every customer represents an opportunity for innovation and optimization. These solutions drive our passion for discovering and customizing new products with the quality and consistency to meet our incredibly high standards. We develop different types of original, high-performance resins in house but also customise existing resins to suit particular client needs.

A future focus of our research is on environmentally friendly materials, environmentally sustainable materials, and materials that come as close to final production level properties as possible.

Get in touch with us to know more or if you have a particular requirement from your resin!