Print troubleshooting-

        1) Print not sticking to the buildplate 

        • Increase the initial layer time
        • Level the buildplate
        • If neither work, sand the buildplate to increase the adhesion

        2) Print warping on the buildplate

        • Level the buildplate
        • Increase the initial layer time for large prints
        • Use supports instead of printing large flat objects directly on the buildplate especially on edges
        • If the slicer allows it, increase the number of transition layers

        3) Print features not coming

        • Check FEP sheet for cloudiness/scratches 
        • Increase the print (exposure) time for each layer
        • Check the sliced images on the slicer- might be a file issue- tally with model

        4) Print warping after removal from printer

        • Don’t remove supports until after post UV curing

        5) Print sticky post UV curing

        • Use ultrasonic cleaner with a mixture of clean water and liquid soap
        • Clean with IPA/Acetone
        • Increase the time of UV curing

        6) Some parts on a full buildplate fail

        • Increase the initial layer time
        • Increase the lift height between layers of the printer with a full and heavy buildplate
        • Level the buildplate

        7) Initial layers printing but remaining layers not printing

        • Increase the exposure time for the remaining layers
        • Decrease the exposure time for the initial layers (difference in curing time between the initial and remaining layers shouldn’t be too high)
        • If your slicer allows it, create a gradient in print time (transition layers) between initial layers and remaining layers (eg. layer 1- 30 seconds, layer 2- 25 seconds, layer 3- 20 seconds and so on)

        8) Supports not sticking to the part

        • Increase the tip diameter of the support (where it is touching the part)
        • Brace the supports to each other (tree type of support structure)

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