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50 ml Black, 50 ml White, 50 ml Blue, 50 ml Red, and 50 ml Yellow pigments which are compatible with our resins. Pigments can be mixed in order to create a custom colour.

Please add approximately 10 total drops of pigment per 100ml of resin. Slightly more or less can be added depending on the exact colour shade required. Please do not add more than 30 drops of pigment per 100 ml of resin as this might affect the resin's properties and it's printability.

Black and White resins are NOT suitable for casting applications. Blue, Red, and Yellow pigments are suitable for casting applications- they will burn off completely with the resins.

Each 50 ml bottle of pigment should be enough for approximately 10-20 litres of resin.


UV Resin


‎8.2x 8.2x 23.5 cm; 1 Kilograms

Care Instructions

1. Shake well before use

2. Keep away from children, dust and direct sunlight

3. Wash with plenty of water immediately if you get direct skin contact with resin

4. The product can be stored and handled in stainless steel, dark glass or black plastic containers. This product should be stored in a sealed container.

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